Mobile high capacity units that can be easily towed

Flow range 300 to 1400 m³/hr.

These trailer fire pumps provide a low cost, high performance mobile pumping solution for a wide range of applications.

They are capable of rapid deployment and are easily towed by a light truck or tractor making them ideal for use in ports and harbours where the high lift centrifugal pump can draw water up to 5.5 metres from sea level.

The design incorporates a multi port suction manifold; fitted with flexible suction hoses / foot valves and is fitted with a rooftop mounted fire monitor capable of jet ranges of up to 120 metres.

The trailer FIREPAK can be used in many types of application:

  • Port and harbour firefighting
  • Pumping large volumes of water over large distances
  • Flood relief situations
  • Used in series to provide high final discharge pressures
  • Booster pump on refineries and tank farms
  • Multipurpose operation

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