Design Assistance

For both marine and land based applications we can assist you with the design and flow calculations for the pipework systems. HYDRODIESEL have experience in the design and supply of this equipment and its integration into the main fire fighting system.

Site or on board commissioningexpertise _r4_c3

We can provide experienced engineers to supervise start-up and commissioning of FIREPAK installations whether on board the vessel or at site.

Design standards

All FIREPAK’s for marine and offshore applications are designed to Classification Society standards.

For land based applications, units can be designed and built to meet NFPA 20 and FM / UL standards.

Works Testingexpertise _r6_c3

Every unit is performance tested in the factory at 100% flow and pressure; after which a detailed works test report is issued.

Witness testing by a third party organisation or the client’s engineers is possible for all FIREPAK’s.

Site or on board training

Often integrated into the commissioning programme, our engineers can provide hands-on site training for the client’s operating personnel.